Posted on Sep 18, 2017

Soothing Escape Massage

Amazing Things Massage Therapy Can Do

Soothing Escape offers a wide range of massage services, including but not limited to:

• Performance massage therapy:

This practice allows correcting poor body mechanics developed by bad posture and other everyday habits. The muscles are re-educated to allow the patient achieve optimum health.

• Sports massage:

Improves both performance and recovery of an athlete or person(s) who have suffered from: runners shin splints, for achilles tendonitis, for plantar fasciitis, for shoulder pain, for tennis elbow, for lower back pain, for sciatica, for frozen shoulder, for piriformis syndrome. Purpose to engage and correct body mechanics

• Manual lymphatic drainage massage:

This form of massage activates the lymphatic circulation, which is essential for maintaining the general wellbeing of the body. Promoting healthy benefits for puffy eyes, for lower legs, for weight loss, for Increased metabolism

In today’s world, massage therapy is mostly used for relieving backache, caused by the sedentary way of life. It’s also an incredibly effective stress relief practice and a proven way to speed up post-injury recovery. When performed by a qualified professional, this practice is both safe and effective. Most importantly, with a personalized treatment plan, every person, regardless of their age and general physical condition, can benefit from the positive effects of massage.

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