Posted on Sep 18, 2017

Soothing Escape Massage

Alfred-Andrew Bowen of SE: Massage & Performance Therapy, here to offer chair/ table massages to your team or as individuals pre-muscle activation and post-event recovery.

I am practicing massage therapist, active for 8 years in the industry.

Specializing in sports-related myofascial and trigger point release, along with active training at the National Holistic Insitute's advanced neuromuscular therapy.

We offer 10 – 20-minute table/ chair massages particular to the event and therapist assessment.
- Active mobilization stretching (PNF stretching)
- Myofascial release for the extremities (increase blood flow to arms and legs)
- Lymphatic Drainage (Post-event) circulate intestinal fluids through the body after major events
- Active Release Therapy (Post-event) for those with signs of cramping or restriction from event

3 payment structures for chair massage events

1. $65 an hour (2-hour minimum) chair (table made available upon request)
2. Pre-Booked sessions from guest/employee’s, paid based on; sign-in sheet verification. Paid after of massage per- registered guest/employee are verified.
3. Guest/Employee will pay as request per service, 1 minute = $1

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